Launched in February 2003, Slippery When Wet and it´s project designer and drummer Steve , along with original member Matt Miller on keyboards, and guitarist Mike a few years later have come a long way from what they started with.

Breaking down and passing through many obstacles and weathering many storms and changes, the band feels content that the appropriate elements have finally conjured. Enter Slippery When Wet...A New Beginning.

With the unexpected exodus of vocalist TJ Roxx and bassist Wayne, SWW was faced with it's greatest challenge yet...the possible demise of the band. Working hard to resurrect the power rock group and continue on with the dream, Steve, Matt and Mike set out to find the right mix, and did they ever.

With the addition of high energy bassist Todd Cortecero and power vocalist Chicagoland Veteran Carlo Caprio,the band leaves nothing to be desired, fulfilling their fans rock ´n roll needs always. The band goes on stronger than ever and their fan base grows larger with each show.  

Without a doubt Slippery When Wet holds their own in this business of music and as always, outputs rock solid quality shows, a rarity these days in this genre of music.

Many bands pay tribute to Bon Jovi and the famous ¨hair bands¨ of the 80´s, but few capture and portray the sound, energy, and spirit like Slippery When Wet.


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